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Gatechn New Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cells, its core materials and key components. It’s a high-tech company and which is dedicated to the Hydrogen Fuel Cell membrane electrode (MEA), hydrogen fuel cell stack system and other related equipment. The company has developed core materials of hydrogen fuel cell independently, mastered the core technologies of producing various catalysts and membrane electrodes, hydrogen fuel cell stacks and hydrogen fuel cell power systems. The company has developed the whole industrial chain involving hydrogen production and consumption, as well as the application of by-products generated in hydrogen production, etc. the 8 fuel cells production related patents. Moreover, the company has drafted several enterprise standards of "hydrogen fuel cell stack" and "multi-function hydrogen rich machine" production, which have been reviewed and approved by experts. We’ve established comprehensive cooperative relationships with many well-known universities and institutes, they’ve been providing advanced technology and resources to support our hydrogen fuel cell development. Our products and services are widely used in many fields such as automotive companies, industrial handling vehicles, communication base stations, unmanned aerial vehicles, standby power supplies, field demonstration emergency power supplies, gas sensors, etc. "Technology-Driven, Green Concept" will promote the fuel cell business in all directions and create great social value!

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